The agency was founded in 1961 By J. D. Schlobohm and was known as the Schlobohm Insurance Agency. Warren Preuitt came into the business as a partner in 1976 and the agency name changed to Schlobohm-Preuitt insurance Agency, Inc. J. D. Schlobohm retired in 1995 and the agency became solely owned by Warren Preuitt so the name of the Agency changed to Preuitt Insurance Services, Inc. After 43 years at the agency, Warren Preuitt retired in 2019 changing hands of ownership to the current owners - Sonny Broyles, Scott Matz, and Craig Matz.

Through the large majority of these years the agency has been known as an "independent" insurance agency which gave us, as agents, the chance to search through many insurance companies to find the policy that would be the most appropriate to serve the insurance needs of our client.

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One of the largest benefits of choosing Preuitt for your insurance needs is that we compare quotes from many companies to ensure we are getting our customers the best deal. Also, our wide variety of companies gives us the ability to ensure almost anything. Remember, quotes are always free, so give us a call today and see if we can keep some money in your pocket!

We are at 622 South Ohio Ave located in the historic downtown Sedalia, MO